Everything we know about Dubai Bling season three

An OG cast member is leaving the show.

Dubai Bling took the world by storm when it debuted on Netflix in 2022. Fans were then treated to season two of the binge-worthy reality series late last year, and now it’s been renewed for a third season. But as we eagerly await the release of Dubai Bling season three, here’s everything we know about the upcoming instalment.

Dubai Bling season two added yet another cast member to the mix — fragrance guru Mona Kattan. While details of anyone else joining the show have not yet surfaced, an OG member will not be returning to Dubai Bling season three. Lojain Omran, the wise and beloved Saudi TV host, has confirmed that she won’t be returning to the show. The news, which she confirmed on platform X, has left fans wondering about the void her departure will create in the ensemble cast. She was pivotal in reuniting Loujain Adada with her mother over the last two seasons.

Speaking of Loujain Adada, the second season of Dubai Bling left us hanging with a cliffhanger. In a surprising turn of events, Loujain Adada’s boyfriend and Pakistani model, Hasnain Lehri proposed to her in the closing scene of season two. And while it was never revealed if she said yes, fans earlier speculated that the two had called it quits. But recent Instagram posts suggest otherwise. The lovey-dovey exchanges on social media have only fueled fans’ anticipation and the possibility of wedding bells in Dubai Bling season three.

On the topic of new beginnings, Kris Fade and Brianna Fade’s son, Kruz Fade, is likely to make his debut in season three. The couple’s pregnancy journey was a hot topic in the previous season, and fans are excited to witness the adorable addition to the family. While Kruz’s appearance is almost certain, the same cannot be said for Ebraheem Al Samadi’s wife, leaving fans intrigued by the possibility of surprises.

The teaser for Dubai Bling season three also just dropped, bringing two exciting new additions to the cast. First up is Jwana Karim, an Iraqi actress and singer who’s been making waves. She’s a red carpet royalty known for her high-fashion choices and A-list connections — rubbing shoulders with Kendall Jenner, Travis Scott, and more.

Next up is Mahira Abdelaziz, a Dubai native with an impressive journey from being a business news correspondent to hosting her own real estate show. She’s a prominent actress and has also collaborated with international fashion and luxury brands. Mahira’s diverse career is nothing short of impressive. She already has some Netflix projects under her belt called The Platform and The Ambush, making Dubai Bling a third one. With these new additions, we’re sure that Dubai Bling is gearing up for an electrifying season ahead.

Additionally, the dynamics between Zeina Khoury and Ebraheem’s rekindled friendship will be put to the test, promising more twists and turns in the friendships — or not-so-friendly relationships — that form the backbone of Dubai Bling.

Dubai Bling season three

If you happen to be in Dubai, be on the lookout for the Dubai Bling stars, as they could be shooting for the highly anticipated third season. Feel free to slide into our DMs if you stumble upon any juicy details, and we’ll make sure to keep you at the forefront of all things bling.

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