Dubai Bling Interview: Farhana Bodi

FACT chats to Farhana Bodi about all things Dubai and her role on the UAE’s most talked about Netflix show.

As Netflix’s new reality TV show Dubai Bling is the talk of the town, we talked directly to its stars. Farhana Bodi has joined the stellar cast, and shared how Dubai is the perfect place to be a social media star. 

The Indian-born Dubai-based influencer is bringing it on the gram, as she has 1.4 million followers. Founder of I Woman of the World, she’s all about female empowerment. The single mother has been spotted travelling the globe – all while wearing glamorous gowns – and was last spotted in Venice, Istanbul and Bodrum.

Tell us about yourself. 

I am a social media personality. I am originally Indian but I have lived in South Africa and London, and have been based in Dubai for the last 15 years.

Why did you come to Dubai? 

I basically saw Dubai as a land of opportunity. I love the luxurious lifestyle that Dubai offers, and when I came here for a holiday I was blown away. I was like: “Oh my, I want to move to Dubai”. For me, Dubai was love at first sight. 

What’s the most bling thing you’ve done in Dubai? 

The most bling I have ever done is being a part of Dubai Bling

What was the best part of filming? 

The best part of filming was that I had my baby boy Aiden on the show with me. He is my rock star. He’s my lucky charm, my everything. I am so happy that I got to share the big screen with my son.

Why should people watch the show? 

They have to watch it as it’s a bling-worthy show. Dubai Bling brings you super luxurious lifestyles, which some of these Dubai personalities are living. There are inspiring stories of how we became successful in Dubai. There is a lot of drama between friends, it’s such an entertaining show and everyone is going to love it. 

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