Is the American rapper Kanye West moving to Dubai? 

The artist met with luxury real estate agent Marcel Remus.

Kanye West – who also goes by the name Ye – has been spotted across the Middle East, from Saudi Arabia to the UAE. Over the last two months, the rapper has been seen in the region, which has led to rumours about Kanye West moving to Dubai. He has been seen staying (dining and partying) at Atlantis The Royal and held listening parties for his upcoming album, Vultures

Kanye West is from Atlanta, Georgia, and grew up in Chicago, Illinois. He first rose to fame as a producer working for Jay Z’s record label, Roc-A-Fella. He has sold more than 160 million records and won 24 Grammy Awards. After his controversial comments in 2022, he was dropped by collaborators including adidas, Balenciaga and Gap.

On 28 October, Kanye was seen in Riyadh for the Battle of the Baddest at Boulevard Hall Stadium. He joined a star-studded audience, and American music executive, James Prince, shared an image of himself with the rapper. On 30 October, he was seen in Riyadh at the FACT Award-winning Smokey Beards Q with rapper-turned-entrepreneur, Mutah Beale. Plus, he was seen in the AlUla desert and was rumoured to be working on his new album.

Kanye has been spotted across Dubai, from Atlantis The Royal’s Nobu By The Beach and Ling Ling to BLU Dubai and even Dubai Mall. He gave Chef Nobu a pair of his shoes. He performed at BLU Dubai with fellow rappers Lil Durk and Ty Dolla $ign. Plus, he was seen meeting with The Giving Movement’s founder, Dominic Nowell-Barnes. 

Rumours have been circulating about Kanye moving to Dubai. Marcel Remus, the owner of the high-end brokerage Marcel Remus Real Estate, shared a picture of himself with the rapper. The caption read: “Dinner w/ Kanye West #bigbusiness”. 

If you want to see Kanye, he will be performing at the mega music festival MDLBeast Soundstorm 2023, which takes place from 14 to 16 December. Tickets are available now.

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