Pearl Mosque in Dubai: Inside the futuristic megaproject

Check out the architectural wonder, which resembles a shell with a pearl.

The UAE is home to some magnificent mosques, from the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi to the Iranian Mosque in Dubai. The country’s mosques are about to get a little more impressive, as plans for the majestic Pearl Mosque have been unveiled. Here’s what to expect from the latest megaproject in the UAE.

Pearl Mosque in Dubai blends together tradition and modernity to create a futuristic, architectural wonder. LYX Arkitekter is behind the design, which draws its inspiration from Dubai’s humble beginnings as a location for pearl diving. Hence, the shape of the building resembles a shell with a white pearl.

Pearl Mosque in Dubai

Pearl Mosque includes a pearl-shaped dome, which has a window to light up the hall during the day and converts into a lantern at night. The vertical minarets are shaped like sails, and the opening arch mimics an undulating sand dune. Plus, there are eight gates that represent the gates of Jannah in Islam that lead to heaven and eight angles on the throne.

Pearl Mosque in Dubai

Inside the mosque, you’ll find a palatial white hall that spans 10,000 square meters, and boasts grand pillars, high ceilings and an intricately designed carpet. The mosque can accommodate 7,500 worshippers, which includes space for 6,000 men as well 1,500 women. Plus, the basement includes a museum, ablution space and car parking.

Megaprojects in the UAE keep on coming. Just recently, details about Sharjah Floating Theatre, which is located in Kalba Corniche, were released. Plus, architects clearly are inspired by Dubai, as so many have created proposals for the city. These have included Aera Vertical Resort, which labels itself as the world’s first vertical resort; Downtown Circle, which sees a 550-meter-tall ring encircle Burj Khalifa; and Moon Dubai, which is a 735 spherical luxury resort with a wellness club, casino and residences.

Megaprojects, we love you. 

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