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FACT Review: Amelia Restaurant and Lounge

The Beirut-born brand brings steampunk glamour to Dubai. 

Men are dressed like extras in The Matrix, a giant propeller is “flying”, and glass tabletops have mechanical cogwheels underneath. No, we are not at a Cosplay event but the new steampunk-inspired restaurant: Amelia Restaurant and Lounge at Address Sky View in Downtown Dubai.

When you enter, you’ll be struck by the sheer scale of the venue – not only is it located across three levels, but it has made impressive use of the space. The high ceiling, hanging plants and sweeping staircase all add to the gothic drama.

Victoriana meets industrial chic in this grand setting. Think exposed bricks, brown leather booths and Art Deco touches, which give the place a refined yet rustic atmosphere. It feels like we’ve stepped into a HG Wells party, which Phileas Fogg might gatecrash.

Amelia Restaurant and Lounge

Our smiley waiter, who is wearing a black leather outfit that wouldn’t be out of place in a Berlin club, is explaining the food. Amelia Restaurant and Lounge celebrates global flavours: the restaurant started in Beirut, Lebanon, serves Japanese as well as Peruvian food, and has a hint of Mediterranean flavours.

When a restaurant tries to cater to everything and everyone, it’s usually a recipe for disaster. But the chefs at Amelia have worked hard to combine a melting pot of influences, which will keep your chopsticks busier than your forks.


Amelia Restaurant and Lounge boasts a mouth-watering menu: raw dishes include ceviche, tiradito and sushi, and hot dishes include Wagyu steaks, lamb and poultry. We start with edamame aji (AED 48), which is coated in a spicy yet sticky lemon and ginger.

The signature hot dishes are truffle heavy – we are in Dubai, after all, where truffle is like gold dust – but six out of the nine include the ingredient. The unexpected highlight is the papas a la trufa (AED 87), which gives the humble potato a luxurious upgrade. The dish mixes baby potatoes, aged parmesan, thyme and, of course, truffle cream topped with truffle shavings. The result: a creamy and earthy bowl, which we finish in minutes.

The risotto nero (AED 94) is a black risotto with parmesan, shiitake, shimeji, cepes and – obviously – truffle. The risotto oozes with freshness, especially as the soft texture is punctuated with actual baby mushrooms.


The flammkuchen (AED 98) literally means flame cake and is a popular German crispy flatbread, which looks like a tomato-less pizza. Here it is topped with fontina, mozzarella, emmental, parmesan, Paris mushrooms, baby rocca and – you guessed it – lashings of truffle. Thanks to the thin base, you still feel like you’re indulging in a pizza but in a lighter way.

The cocktail menu is on the sweeter side and provides Insta-worthy shots: Reincarnation (Barcadi Carta Blanca, pineapple, ginger and cinnamon) is served in a gold grail that you open to reveal your drink; and Misty Forest (JW Black Label, apricot, peach citrus and apple wood smoke) is served from a glass bottle in a wooden box.

Address Sky View is already home to the much-loved CÉ LA VI Dubai and Lucia’s, and we expect that foodie fandom to extend to its latest restaurant. Amelia Restaurant and Lounge: it’s packed with creativity and character(s).

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