Raffles Trojena is opening a mountainside destination in NEOM 

The hotel is scheduled to open in 2027.

Raffles Hotels & Resorts is famous around the world, from its first opening in Singapore to its recent opening in London. Now, it has announced that it is coming to Saudi Arabia. Raffles Trojena will be situated in Trojena, NEOM, and is scheduled to open in 2027. 

Located in northwest Saudi Arabia, Raffles Trojena will sit on the spectacular mountainside. The area is made up of six clusters, and the hotel will be in the Discover cluster. The structure will boast a ring-shaped design, which allows guests to marvel at the untouched natural beauty. 

Raffles Trojena

Raffles Trojena will be home to 105 rooms, which are arranged around the ring. The features range from rooftop to landscaped gardens, and the brand’s signature butler service. Plus, the hotel will boast a range of restaurants, and have an emphasis on arts and culture.

Omer Acar, CEO of Raffles Hotels & Resorts, explained: “Trojena is set to be a destination unlike any other, and this mountainside retreat continues the Raffles legacy of growing in the world’s most compelling locales, providing our guests with an opportunity to ignite their passions through highly personalised service and experiences.”

Philip Gullett, Executive Director, and Trojena Region Head, added: “Trojena is set to redefine the understanding of luxury hospitality and mountain tourism. Raffles Trojena will serve as a beacon of luxury in Saudi Arabia’s first year-round mountain and adventure destination. A place of epic natural majesty combined with immersive and extraordinary experiences – from world-class sporting events, skiing and hiking to Arabian culinary and stargazing adventures that embrace the mountain spirit.” 

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