Utamo in Neom: Discover Saudi Arabia’s immersive theatrical destination

The megaproject will redefine Saudi Arabia’s arts and entertainment scene.

Hold onto your hard hats because Neom is at it again. After the news of Epicon, Leyja and Siranna, the megaproject has unveiled Utamo — an immersive destination poised to redefine the landscape of art and entertainment in Saudi Arabia.

Nestled within a mountain along the picturesque Gulf of Aqaba coastline, Utamo will offer a blend of natural beauty and cutting-edge technology, creating what can only be described as the theatre of the future. As you approach Utamo, you’ll find yourself on a magical journey through a garden promenade featuring more than 50 species of shrubs, herbs, and flowers. This gives an interesting tease of what lies ahead.

The grand entrance to Utamo stands proud at 64 metres — a piece of art in itself. Designed to pay homage to creativity and design, it sets the stage for the breathtaking experiences that Utamo promises to deliver within its walls.

Step inside, and you’re in Utamo’s theatre of the future, where reality and the digital realm converge. This exclusive venue, with its multipurpose performance space, VIP lounges, and signature restaurants, promises to set the global standard for events. It will also facilitate immersive artistic installations and performances, promising to envelop guests in sensory experiences that blur the lines between reality and performance.

Now Utamo is not just about creating memorable moments, it’s about crafting them sustainably. The design and construction of this marvel ensure minimal intervention with the surrounding environment, aligning seamlessly with Neom’s dedication to conservation.

In unveiling Utamo, Neom is introducing a destination that will leave an indelible mark on the global arts and entertainment scene.

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GO: Visit www.neom.com for more information.

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