The world’s biggest hotel is under construction in Saudi Arabia

Abraj Kudai in Makkah will be home to 10,000 rooms and 70 restaurants. 

The Middle East is turning into a hotspot of innovation, luxury, and tourism. With new properties opening across the region and policies facilitating tourism, there’s an air of excitement for travellers and residents alike. Amid this evolving landscape, an extraordinary project that was put on hold is poised to make a comeback — and it’s none other than the Abraj Kudai.

world's largest hotel

Nestled in Saudi Arabia, the Abraj Kudai is already making quite a statement. Located in Makkah, it’s got a prime spot with convenient access to Masjid Al Haram from two main roads – East and West – as well as a private road from the North. It also offers a direct route to Haram Piazza.

What truly sets Abraj Kudai apart is its sheer size. Once built, the world’s largest hotel will feature a podium upon which 12 towering structures will rise — each ranging from 30 to 48 stories in height. These towers will offer residential spaces and lodging options. A myriad of amenities, including a bus station, a shopping mall, 70 restaurants, food courts, a conference centre, and ample parking facilities. And at the heart of this architectural marvel sits a dome, perched atop two of the towers, housing a multi-functional ballroom and a convention centre.

world's largest hotel

With an astonishing 10,000 hotel rooms, Abraj Kudai aims to reclaim its title as the world’s largest hotel by room count when it opens its doors. To put that into perspective, The Venetian Resort in Las Vegas is home to 7,092 rooms, while the MGM Grand Las Vegas has a total of 6,852 rooms. Abraj Kudai will surpass these numbers (and then some).

The Kingdom is currently welcoming big brands from across the world of hospitality, including The St. Regis Riyadh, Six Senses Southern Dunes, Mondrian and more. From rock-hewn retreats to Nobu-branded modern masterpieces, our guide to 99 of the best new hotel openings in Saudi Arabia offers a glimpse into the excitement.

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