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Bebek is jazzing up breakfast every day this month

Partner Content: Breakfast is a veritable feast in Turkish culture, as evidenced by the trendy restaurant’s latest offering.

It doesn’t take long to see that Bebek does things differently — the restaurant is decked out with flashy lighting, mirrored ceilings, and Art Deco accents, inviting diners to Jumeirah 3 for dishes that look to both Turkey’s storied culinary traditions and Dubai’s multicultural tapestry for inspiration. It’s all thanks to founder Latif Kural, who says his goal is to “serve as a bridge between my own cultural heritage and the heart of this global city.”

Now, Kural is inviting diners across Dubai to discover why breakfast is practically a ritual in Turkish culture. “Breakfast is a vital meal for us,” he says. “It’s about sharing, starting your day with loved ones and family gatherings. We’ve crafted an amazing Turkish breakfast experience with premium quality products, with each dish inspired by different regions of Turkey. It’s all about a cultural exchange from Turkey to Dubai.” Bebek is offering a distinctive breakfast spread that’s set to become a favourite among foodies. Served on a grand wooden tray, it features a dizzying array of signature dishes that capture the essence of Turkish cuisine.

Bebek Dubai

Dishes include succulent sucuk with halloumi, padron pepper with red sauce, a nostalgic tahini mix featuring childhood molasses, a savoury assortment of the finest olives, a cheese platter with over four varieties, and the famous cheese ‘otlu peynir’ from the eastern part of Turkey. The Menemen, a popular Turkish breakfast dish, is said to be the highlight of this spread. Incidentally, no Turkish breakfast is complete without the iconic ‘bal & kaymak’ and Turkish tea, both of which are presented in a generously sized breakfast tray — and that’s just the beginning. This delightful experience for two is now available at a special price of AED 140 until the end of November, down from the regular price of AED 175, and served daily from 9am to 3pm.


Elsewhere, Bebek’s business lunch – available exclusively on weekdays from 12pm to 5pm – caters to corporate professionals and families alike. The offer is priced at an attractive AED 150 per person, with the option of adding on Bebek’s signature shisha for only AED 50. And with this midday culinary affair catering to a range of palates and preferences, the selection spans:

 – Go Health Option: For those seeking a nutritious start, this menu offers a Protein Salad with baby artichoke, a comforting vegetable udon, and a sweet caramel tres leches for dessert.

 – Yummy Taco Set Menu: This feast of Mexican flavours includes a stracciatella salad, Greek tzatziki, a meat taco döner, and a delightful tres leches dessert.

 – Turkish Business Lunch: Rooted in authentic Turkish cuisine, this option features a lentil soup, creamy hummus, gavurdagı salad, and a mouthwatering meat Iskender.

 – Cool Poule Set Menu: This daily set menu features a changing soup, eggplant saksuka, chicken shish, and a tres leches dessert.

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