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Tickets to the Dubai Sail Grand Prix are now on sale

Hydrofoil Hype is on the horizon with the return of SailGP this December.

With the likes of Chicago, Saint-Tropez, Singapore, and Sydney on the calendar, it was only a matter of time before Dubai joined the line-up of venues hosting SailGP. Dubbed the world’s most exciting race on water, it will take place on 9 and 10 December, in partnership with P&O Marinas and Emirates Airline.

With Emirates Airlines as the new title partner, this event is a testament to Dubai’s dedication to becoming a hub for sports and entertainment. Another highlight we love is that Nikki Beach Resort & Spa Dubai will oversee the fan zone entertainment in the heart of Mina Rashid, following a successful partnership at the France Sail Grand Prix in Saint-Tropez last month.

The return of the Sail Grand Prix to Dubai is also expected to set records with 13 events on the calendar, the largest in the league’s history, catering to the city’s appetite for records.


Anticipation is building for this year’s races as we eagerly await more exhilarating moments and fierce competition on the water. Emirates’ Chief Commercial Officer, Adnan Kazim, said, “This event will again prove popular with the vibrant, multi-national communities here, with teams expecting to compete from 10 countries.”

If you’re new to SailGP, here’s what sets SailGP apart from other racing events. Let’s take a closer look:

Equality across the board: SailGP operates on a one-design class model, providing all teams with equal cutting-edge technology, thus putting the race results directly in the hands of the world’s athletes.

Technology: The F50, a new class of boat, is a marvel of high-performance racing. With its modular wing sail and hydrofoils, these “flying boats” represent a significant step forward in the evolution of the sport.

Shared data: Powered by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, SailGP teams share 30,000 data points, allowing them to gain valuable insights into their competition and learn from each other.

Women’s pathway: SailGP champions gender equity, requiring every team to race with a female athlete on board and holding selection camps to identify and include more female athletes in training.

Impact league: Teams compete to increase positive actions, reduce their carbon footprint, and accelerate inclusivity in sailing. External auditors review teams based on sustainability impact, inclusiveness, innovation, and carbon footprint.

Race format: SailGP leaves nothing to chance. To win a Grand Prix, teams must be consistent throughout the weekend, competing in three 15-minute events each day, resulting in a final for the top three teams after six events.

Experience: SailGP offers a new level of excitement with its 29m catamarans reaching top speeds of 100kmph and performing sharp manoeuvres over choppy waters. The crew’s attire resembles that of Formula 1 drivers or jet fighter pilots, highlighting the elite athleticism required. Each team has a Flight Controller, a Wing Trimmer, Grinders, and a Driver, all working together to pilot these technological marvels.


So, mark your calendars for 9 and 10 December 9, and get ready to be part of the action at the Emirates Dubai Sail Grand Prix, presented by P&O Marinas.

GO: Visit to purchase tickets or for more information.

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