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Visitors are now welcome at the Abrahamic Family House

The recently inaugurated interfaith venue is located in the capital’s Saadiyat Cultural District.

While Abu Dhabi has no shortage of new and exciting megaprojects, few feel as revolutionary as the Abrahamic Family House. Reflecting the country’s diversity and rooted in its values of bringing different cultures together, the centre is dedicated to the practice of faith, encompassing a mosque, a church, a synagogue, and shared spaces for gathering and dialogue — and it has officially been inaugurated.

Abrahamic Family House

Located in the capital’s Saadiyat Cultural District, Abrahamic Family House was inspired by the principles of the Document on Human Fraternity. For the uninitiated, this landmark document was signed between His Holiness Pope Francis and the His Eminence Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, Ahmad al-Tayyib, on 4 February back in 2019, proclaiming this date annually as the ‘International Day for Human Fraternity’. Abrahamic Family House captures the values shared between Judaism, Christianity and Islam through its design, thereby serving as a powerful platform for nurturing understanding and acceptance between people of goodwill.

Abrahamic Family House

Within each of the three houses of worship, visitors will have the opportunity to learn about religious services, listen to holy scripture, and experience sacred rituals. Designed by Sir David Adjaye of Adjaye Associates, the three houses of worship are not only of equal stature, but also respect the architectural codes and individualism of the faith they represent. Each takes the form of a cube that is 30 metres deep, 30 metres wide, and 30 metres tall. A fourth space – not affiliated with any specific religion – is an educational centre that’s devoted to mutual understanding and peace. Here, all people of all faiths can come together as a single community for forums, discussions and conferences. It also functions as a visitor experience centre, with an immersive exhibition introducing visitors to the Abrahamic Family House. The garden is another shared space intended for this purpose.

Abrahamic Family House

We’re told that the Abrahamic Family House will host a variety of faith-based programming and events ranging from daily religious services to international summits that promote the exchange of knowledge and interfaith collaboration. Visitors are also invited to participate in celebrations and opportunities to further explore the concept of faith. Each of the dedicated houses of worship – the Eminence Ahmed El-Tayeb Mosque, His Holiness Francis Church, and Moses Ben Maimon Synagogue – has space for observers, and daily guided tours will show visitors features of the design pertinent to the practices and traditions of each faith.

Abrahamic Family House

His Excellency Mohamed Khalifa Al Mubarak, President of the Abrahamic Family House, said: “The Abrahamic Family House is symbolic of the UAE’s longstanding values of mutual respect and peaceful coexistence – values embodied by our Founding Father, the late Sheikh Zayed. The centre will be a platform for learning and dialogue, a model of coexistence set against the backdrop of the multiculturalism and diversity of our nation, where more than 200 nationalities live peacefully side-by-side. We hope that the Abrahamic Family House will inspire youth everywhere, as we highlight our common humanity and work towards the creation of a more peaceful world for generations to come.”

GO: Visit www.forhumanfraternity.org for more information.

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