FACT First Look: DUO Gastrobar in Dubai Hills Business Park

This European restaurant wants you to feel right at home.

Dubai’s dining scene is getting a fresh jolt of culinary excitement with the arrival of DUO Gastrobar in Dubai Hills Business Park. If you’re on the hunt for a casual and cosy dining spot that doesn’t compromise on flavours, then this place will sweep you off your feet.

Straight from the streets of St. Petersburg, Russia, DUO Gastrobar is bringing its European charm and culinary wizardry to the Middle East. Nestled within the trendy Dubai Hills Business Park, this upcoming dining gem is already causing quite a stir among food enthusiasts. 

Step inside, and you’re greeted by an interior that effortlessly merges minimalism with boho-chic vibes. Think calming whites and soothing beiges that instantly make you feel at home. The earthy tones are easy on the eyes, while outdoor seating, paired with the upcoming cool weather, is perfect for those seeking a quiet yet enjoyable time.

DUO Gastrobar

At DUO Gastrobar, the open kitchen concept invites you into their culinary sanctuary, giving you a front-row seat to the magic behind each dish. It’s like dining at a friend’s place, only this friend happens to be an incredibly talented chef.

And speaking of talent, we had the chance to meet the mastermind behind the flavours, Chef Dmitry Blinov. With two decades of culinary experience under his belt, he’s no stranger to creating magic on the plate. Having already conquered Russia’s culinary landscape with seven successful outlets, he’s now spreading his culinary wings internationally, and where better to start than Dubai?

DUO Gastrobar

For Chef Dimitri, it’s not about accolades or MICHELIN stars; it’s about crafting food that’s accessible and enjoyable for all. As he introduced his creations, it was evident in his eyes and infectious smile that his heart and soul went into each dish. Take, for instance, his Burrata with Zucchini and Black Truffle. Loved by both his kids and his grandmother — who he says might not even know what a burrata is — this dish bridges generations and palates.

Simple yet sublime, his creations speak volumes. The Broccoli Pate with Pine Nuts, a nutritious delight, dances harmoniously with a brioche. The Yellow Zucchini, resting on a bed of Parmesan sauce, topped with Pumpkin Seeds, embodies the philosophy that simplicity can be truly satisfying.

DUO Gastrobar

The signature dish, Tuna Ceviche with Cucumber and Cilantro is a great try, even for those who aren’t fans of tuna. The Young Cabbage with Black Truffle fooled us all – who knew cabbage could be so elegant? And let’s not forget the Oxtail Pie with Taleggio, Hokkaido scallops with cauliflower and foie gras sauce, and the Beef cheeks with chanterelles – each plate was a celebration of flavours and textures.

Quench your thirst with refreshingly vibrant Zero Cocktails like the Passion Fruit offering, Hugo and Norgorni. And when it comes to the grand finale – desserts – Duo Gastrobar doesn’t disappoint. Picture Passion Fruit with Gorgonzola, Coconut Ganache with Raspberry, and Chocolate Mousse with rye bread and wild berries. Pair them with classic Americanos or lattes for a heavenly ending.

DUO Gastrobar

The bar here is charming, and perfect for those working in Dubai Hills Business Park. It’s the kind of spot you’ll want to bookmark for those “let’s grab a drink” moments after office hours.

For Dubai Hills residents and those working nearby, this promises to be a newfound favourite haunt. We were glad to experience this before the opening welcomes massive crowds.

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