FACT First Look: Japanese BBQ restaurant Akabeko is opening in Dubai

The yakiniku concept is coming to Palm West Beach.

Dubai is home to a range of cuisines from around the world. Now, it is set to welcome the Japanese restaurant. Akabeko. Scheduled to open at voco Dubai The Palm on Palm West Beach next week, here’s what you need to know.

In Japanese, akabeko means red cow and refers to a legendary animal in the Aizu region. The legend inspired a popular children’s toy. Now, the cow makes up Akabeko’s brand logo and can be seen placed throughout the dining room.

Akabeko in Dubai offers a nose-to-tail dining concept and is the first Japanese A5 Wagyu-focused “Yakiniku” experience in the city. The approach ensures that every edible part of the animal is prepared and consumed, including all the “left behinds” and “secondaries”.

Akabeko in Dubai specialises in a yakiniku experience that involves grilling meat over a tabletop stove. The phrase refers to a barbecue and the cooking of bite-size meats over flames of wood charcoal. And, if you want to know what to expect, the top-of-the-line smokeless grills have been imported from Japan to ensure a smoke and grease-free environment. Those who have dabbled in Korean BBQ may expect to cook their own food, but at Akabeko, the team of skilled chefs will man your tabletop grill, allowing you to enjoy your dinner fuss-free.

Akabeko Dubai

The licensed location features comfortable booths and a kitchen counter for solo diners. Wooden furniture, ornately carved ceilings and bonsai trees add to the authentically Japanese vibe of the restaurant. At Akabeko, diners can indulge in up to 12 unique cuts of Japanese Wagyu, or you can let Executive Chef Yosuke Matsuoka and his team curate the perfect selection with the Yakiniku Moriawase platter. Akabeko’s signature dishes include the Supreme Wag-Yukke — a spicy tartare topped with scallops, uni, and ikura — and the Akabeko Donburi featuring prime Wagyu steak, uni, and caviar, embellished with truffle. We recommend you conclude your dining experience with Akabeko’s signature truffle ice cream.

“Our aim is to create not just a meal but a memorable and interactive culinary journey for our guests. We believe that Akabeko will become a new destination to learn about a new facet of Japanese cuisine beyond the current offering” said Hanabi Foods Group.

Akabeko Dubai

Palm West Beach is home to a range of restaurants. These include the Tex-Mex spot Esco-Bar, Barcelona-inspired Gallery 7/40, Italian restaurant Loren, and Californian meets Mexican concept Señor Pico. The beach clubs include February 30, Eva Beach House, Koko Bay, Kyma Beach Dubai, Maison de le Plage, SĀN Beach, and The 305 Dubai.

Akabeko in Dubai will be open daily from 12pm to 4pm for lunch and from 6pm to 11pm for dinner.

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