MOLI by SHI joins Dubai Hill Business Park’s culinary lineup

A brainchild of SHI Restaurant, this upcoming spot might just become a beloved favourite.

Dubai Hills Business Park is buzzing with excitement as it continues to welcome an impressive array of dining destinations. From the delightful flavours of Hoe Lee Kow to the exquisite offerings of Reif Japanese Kushiyaki, this evolving culinary haven is proving itself to be the next big thing on the gastronomic scene. 

MOLI by SHI is making its way to this “new DIFC”, promising to redefine your dining experience. Nestled within the sleek confines of Dubai Hills Business Park Building 4, MOLI by SHI can be found adjacent to the upcoming DUO Gastrobar. It comes to us from Diana Rysbaeva, the owner of the renowned Bluewaters restaurant SHI. While the details of this dining concept are still wrapped in secrecy, we’re here to offer a taste of what’s to come.


If MOLI by SHI follows in the footsteps of its parent restaurant, you can expect an indulgent journey into the realm of high-end gourmet Chinese cuisine. The creative genius behind the dishes might just be Chef Li Yuan Hui, previously affiliated with prestigious culinary establishments such as Hakkasan Mumbai and Qatar. With such a pedigree, the menu at MOLI by SHI could potentially feature culinary marvels like their signature rice pot creations, the aromatic smoked sanpei chicken, and an array of exquisitely crafted dim sums and dumplings.

Drawing inspiration from the success of SHI Restaurant, it’s safe to assume that MOLI by SHI is poised to capture hearts and palates. Keep your eyes peeled as we bring you more news that’s guaranteed to level up your dining experience in Dubai.

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