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FACT Review: Experience Uzbek cuisine at the new Osh Del Mar

A culinary crossroads where East meets West.

Osh – previously located in La Mer – has found a new address and a new name. Nestled within Address Beach Resort JBR, Osh Del Mar is the latest sensation sweeping Dubai’s food scene. FACT ventured into this gastronomic haven during its soft opening and were immediately captivated by the inviting ambience and unfamiliar Uzbek cuisine.

Upon arrival at the hotel’s mezzanine floor, the mesmerising view of the open kitchen, framed by large glass windows, immediately captured our attention. Choosing between indoor and outdoor seating proved a delightful dilemma, ultimately solved by the weather, leading us to a cosy corner indoors. The interior decor, a harmonious blend of boho chic with shades of beige, brown and white, adorned with pampas grass, mirrors and wood finishings, created an inviting and comfortable atmosphere.

Osh Del Mar

The celestial private dining area, with its moon-shaped chandelier and enchanting ambience, adds a layer of magic. Elsewhere, a spacious dining zone, ideal for bigger groups, offers a sweeping view of Bluewaters Island. With its expansive floor-to-ceiling windows, this area is destined to become a firm favourite for sun-soaked lunches and Insta-worthy moments.

Our culinary journey began with the charming Mehdi, our waiter for the evening. His enthusiasm for the culinary creations was infectious, and he steered us towards a selection of beverages that turned out to be delightful surprises. The Strawberry and Milk Oolong (AED 50) balanced sweet and sour notes in perfect harmony, while the Pomegranate and Cardamom mocktail (AED 30), an unconventional pairing, offered a refreshing and exciting start.

Osh Del Mar

This blend of influences reflects Uzbekistan’s positioning along the ancient Silk Road that connected the East to the West. These influences from much of the appeal of the Osh Del Mar menu, where dishes range from traditional Uzbek staples such as Borsh (beetroot soup), Pumpkin Manti and Shurpa (traditional lamb soup) to Middle Eastern mezze and grilled meats.

A Tandoor bread fresh from the brick oven, set the tone for what was to come at this Uzbek eatery. Mehdi introduced a Cheese Cheburek (AED 50), urging us to indulge while it was piping hot. The tantalising cheese pull from the stuffed dough, complemented by sour cream, left us craving for more. Next on the table was Sirtaki Mousse (AED 50), a star-studded dish that could easily constitute a meal on its own. The hues of the roasted red capsicum and an abundance of cheese served in a stone bowl, beautifully resonated with the restaurant’s interior.

The Watermelon and Feta pyramid (AED 50), a visually stunning creation, brought together the sweetness of watermelon and the saltiness of crumbly feta. However, the Potato & Mushroom Vareniki (AED 60) didn’t quite meet the hype, but our plus one seemed to dig it, suggesting it might just be a taste that caters to a particular palate preference.

Osh Del Mar
Red Bream with Capsicum Salsa

The dry-aged Salmon (AED 130), accompanied by Edamame offered a delightful crunch, and was the standout from Osh Del Mar’s extensive seafood selection. The Chicken Tabaka (AED 170), served with a topping of a buttery sauce, was grilled to perfection. While the flavours intrigued us, it was the unexpected combination of Broccolini (AED 35) and Tahini with a hint of honey, that truly dazzled our palate. The traditional dish of Lamb Shashlik (AED 135) proved to be tender and flavorful, a true testament to the restaurant’s prowess to the art of grilling meat.

We finally surrendered to the allure of desserts. The Anna Pavlova (AED 55) was sweet and tangy, while the traditional Russian Honey Cake (AED 60), was accompanied by a zesty lemon cream reminiscent of a honeycomb. The latter proved to be a dreamy and surprisingly delicate delight without being overly sweet. A replica honeybee added an Instagrmmable touch.

Osh Del Mar
Condensed Milk Waffle Rolls

As Osh Del Mar is currently in soft opening, we can affirm that you’re in for an exciting culinary experience with a cuisine that may be unfamiliar. The restaurant joins the likes of DREAM Dubai, Li’ Brasil and Mott 32 at Address Beach Resort JBR. More interesting is the cuisine, which offers something new for Dubai diners. Stick to the traditional Uzbek dishes and you’ll have a wonderful time. The rest you can find elsewhere.

With a belly full of culinary treasures and a heart warmed by exceptional service, we bid farewell to Osh Del Mar. If you’re fortunate enough to have Mehdi from Morocco as your guide through this culinary journey, know that you’re in expert hands.

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