The team behind Surf Club is opening a music bar for vinyl obsessives

Located on Bluewaters, VNYL Hi-Fi includes a bar, recording studio and creative hub.

Dubai is turning up the volume. The new music bar, VNYL Hi-Fi, is heading to Bluewaters Island. The tagline states: “Good music and good company”. So if you’re a music fan, here’s how to get into the groove.

VNYL Hi-Fi has been created by the same team behind Dubai’s popular beach club, Surf Club. The venue describes itself as a hi-fi bar, recording studio and creative hub. The venue includes disco balls, low lighting and 1970s-esque wallpaper with bright colours and swirling patterns. Plus, guests can sit on long banquettes with tables, which are great for groups.

So far, VNYL Hi-Fi’s Instagram has been teasing viewers with its posts. One includes a disco ball twirling, and the caption states: “When the ball spins, the night begins”. Another includes a pin being placed on a record, and then Human League’s 1989 hit single Don’t You Want Me begins to play. The caption states: “The pin’s about to drop. Don’t you want me?”  


If Surf Club’s success is anything to go by, Dubai is in for a musical treat. Located at Palm West Beach on Palm Jumeirah, the beach club has a firm following, and has welcomed a range of local as well as international DJs and singers. The venue brings together the beach, bar, restaurant and a boutique. The menu spans starters, a raw bar, salads, sushi, mains, grilled dishes, pastas, sides and desserts.

If you’re a fan of destination dining, Dubai will soon be home to several cool new concepts. 111 Management will bring Crazy HorseJondal and Le Majlis to Dubai, while ICD Brookfield Place will welcome Bar des Prés and Il Gattopardo, and Sexy Fish will open in DIFC.

The opening date for VNYL Hi-Fi has not yet been confirmed.

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