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FACT Review: Uptown Spa by SO/ promises sky-high serenity

Art, fashion and relaxation converge with skyline views at SO/ Uptown Dubai’s skyline spa.

The sleek SO/ Uptown Dubai in the up-and-coming Uptown Dubai district is a fashion-forward hotel anchored around design-led rooms and statement suites, unique dining experiences, indulgent facilities, and striking views of the city skyline. Designed as a five-star urban resort, the 340-metre-high architectural marvel offers the ideal interlude from city life by way of a pool, a state-of-the-art, and Uptown Spa by SO/ — developed in partnership with Anne Semonin Paris to offer industry-leading spa treatments and therapies. 

If you’re seeking an experience that transports you from the hustle and bustle of the city, then Uptown Spa by SO/ on the hotel’s 34th floor is where you need to be. The reception area is cosy, with plush seating that eases us into relaxation mode. The decor is alluring, with its earthy tones of whites, beige, and greys, giving off an air of minimalism. The ceiling glistens with what appears to be a sprinkle of diamonds, subtly saying that even in its simplicity, this place oozes a touch of luxury.

We’re greeted with a tray containing a refreshing apple juice, a cookie and a hot towel to freshen up before a brief spa tour. This serene oasis features three facial treatment rooms, each offering striking views of Jumeirah Islands below. 

The locker room is equally impressive, complete with digitally coded lock pins, fluffy towels, changing areas, a bathroom, and cosy slippers. Plus, it’s equipped with Dyson hair appliances to ensure you look your best.

For our experience, we were ushered into a massage room that featured two massage beds. Perfect for couples, the treatment room also had a steam room and a loo with a view. We opted for the Ocean Dream massage and were intrigued by the water beds in the dimly lit room. These beds are unique to Uptown Spa by SO/ and are changed bi-weekly with Quartz Sand. 

Uptown Spa by SO/

Our Ocean Dream Massage treatment began with a foot cleanse, setting the bar high for the relaxation that was about to unfold. The heated water beds were a revelation, and our therapist allowed us to adjust the intensity to our liking – perfect for those pesky cramps.

We let our therapist know that we desperately needed some extra love for our weary shoulders – the inevitable price of being glued to a screen all day. She began with gentle foot elevation to enhance circulation and then skillfully unravelled the knots that had been residing in our shoulders, working out the kinks in the lower back and neck with minimal discomfort.

Uptown Spa by SO/

In a city where walking and dancing are practically second nature, our tired feet and calves deserved a special treat, and our therapist knew just what to do. The session concluded with a blissful neck and head massage, soothing our worldly worries. It’s safe to say we might have dozed off amid this intimate, secluded, and incredibly relaxing experience.

After the 60-minute treatment, we felt rejuvenated and ready to conquer the world. But the pampering didn’t end there. We were ushered into a relaxation room with four beds that overlooked Dubai – the perfect spot to sip on some soothing herbal tea and luxuriate a little more. The Uptown Spa by SO/ ensures that you don’t want to leave.

Uptown Spa by SO/ at the newly-opened SO/Uptown Dubai is a haven of relaxation and tranquillity in the heart of a bustling city, and we’re already trying to find a spot in our calendar to book our next appointment.

For a So/othing session, this spa has it all.

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