The Jeddah Opera House design has just been unveiled

This architectural marvel will redefine the city’s skyline and cultural identity.

Development in Saudi Arabia is booming. While hundreds of hotels are set to open in the Kingdom, there is also a concerted effort to prioritise cultural enrichment. We already know that plans are underway to build an opera in Jeddah, and the design of this upcoming Jeddah Opera House has been unveiled.

The Jeddah Opera House, designed by Henning Larsen, looks set to be an architectural marvel that redefines Jeddah’s skyline while also celebrating its rich cultural heritage. The Danish architect has also designed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs building in Riyadh and the Copenhagen Opera House.

Jeddah Opera House

Taking inspiration from the historical Al Balad district, the Jeddah Opera House will be the centre of the Opera Quarter — a part of the Jeddah Central Masterplan. Located on the Red Sea waterfront, this institution will blend into its surroundings. A spine-like architecture will link the sea to the city, creating a sense of discovery for those making their way to the opera. This passage, drawing inspiration from the historical site of Al-Balad, will feature markets, events and many other activities that foster cultural exchange.

Jeddah Opera House’s design pays homage to music and mathematics. The opera house’s facade replicates the playful breaks of rhythm in the long, straight lines of the building. When viewed from a distance, these separations become one, creating a dynamic architecture.

Even the choice of materials for the opera house is influenced by traditional elements, such as coral stone and wood. The stone serves as a natural barrier against the hot climate, with small openings for ventilation known as Mashrabiyas. These windows not only add elegance to the facade but also create traditional patterns called Roshans.

As for the inside, the Jeddah Opera House will have three performance spaces: a 150-seat Rehearsal Hall, a 750-seat Playhouse theatre, and a grand 1500-seat Red Sea Theater which will play host to some of the biggest events in the world. Once open to the public, the Jeddah Opera House will play a huge role in shaping the city’s cultural landscape.

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