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Watch the fashion, fun and fights in the Dubai Bling Season 2 trailer

Dubai Bling 2 is bigger, bolder and bound for AlUla

We don’t have long to wait until the second season of hit reality TV show Dubai Bling returns on Netflix. Ahead of the show airing on 13 December, a new trailer has dropped and it brings to life a luxurious world of dresses, dinners and a whole lot of drama.

Dubai Bling follows a group of Arab and expat millionaires who hail from Australia, Lebanon, India, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and, of course, the UAE. Dubai Bling’s cast includes Emirati DJ Bliss; Indian-born and Dubai-based Farhana Bodi; owner of Forever Rose and Forever Rose Café, Ebraheem Al Samadi; British Iraqi influencer, Safa Siddiqui; Saudi Arabian TV host, Lojain Omran; and CEO of a luxury real estate agency, Zeina Khoury. Promising more bling, more drama, and an extra dose of sass, Mona Kattan has joined the mix, and her entrance promises to add an extra layer of intrigue to the already dazzling cast.

Dubai is a ready-made TV set. True to its name, Dubai Bling depicts the city in all its shiny glory. The newly released trailer offers a sneak peek into the cast’s rollercoaster journey, where every glimmer conceals a secret and every smile hides a motive. Brace yourselves for a captivating saga where friendships teeter on the edge of fragility, and ambitions shine as brightly as the iconic Dubai skyline. 

Dubai Bling trailer

And that’s not all. This time, the cast ventures into the beautiful landscapes of AlUla. That’s right. Saudi Arabia has made its debut in Dubai Bling which means it’s going to be a whole lot of fun. But it isn’t the only destination the cast is heading to. Glimpses reveal that Safa Siddiqui and Zeina Khoury — if not everyone else — are making their way to Mumbai, India. Now that’s pretty cool.

Dubai Bling trailer

The first season of Dubai Bling took the world by storm, securing its place in the top 10 on Netflix in an impressive 47 countries globally. Now, with a second instalment, the stakes are higher, the bling is brighter, and the drama is juicier.

This season is gearing up to be bigger, blingier, and bolder than ever. So, forget the New Year, it’s time to countdown to 13 December.

Habibi, get ready to binge.  

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